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How to make your wedding day run like clockwork

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve cornered everyone you can think of to tell them the exciting news, and can’t stop staring at the shiny rock on your finger. Now comes the fun part: planning your wedding.

Having been lucky enough to photograph over 300 weddings over the past 11 years, I have tapped into my real-life wedding experience and prepared this free guide to help you navigate through a typical wedding day, so you can get the most out of your wedding photographs and minimise stress on the day.

In this guide you will discover:

  • A typical wedding day timeline – from getting ready through to your reception
  • What a “first look” is, and how you can use it to maximise your wedding photos and time with your guests
  • What kinds of photos you can expect to have taken at each part of the day (with lots of example photos)
  • How to get all your family photos done in just 10 minutes
  • How to get the most out of your location shoot
  • The beauty of a reception night shoot and why it should be an essential part of your day

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jay. I met a girl back in 2008 at a mutual friend’s wedding. It was held at a grand stone mansion in Sydney’s inner west. We instantly hit it off, barely having a moment of silence between us as we chatted the night away.

We were in separate relationships at the time, so nothing came of it for a few months. Those ended, we started dating, fell in love very quickly, and three years later in 2011 we were married in the very same mansion.

Fast forward to 2019. We have brought three beautiful daughters into the world, and love the day-to-day of building our lives together. Cath and my girls are the centre of my world, and I love to work with couples who feel the same about their family.

Photographing weddings has taken me all around Sydney and Australia, and even to destinations like Fiji and India. My work has been featured in publications including Cosmopolitan Bride magazine, Modern Wedding magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald.

The photos I treasure most from my own wedding are the unscripted, candid moments between me and my family, and it has been my mission to capture those same images at each of the 300+ weddings I’ve photographed.

I do this by getting to know each of my couples personally, understanding not only what they are planning for their wedding day, but who is important in their lives and what they love about each other. This enables me to creatively tell their story in a way that is unique to them.

— Jay

    review rating 5  Jay was a fantastic wedding photographer who took care of everything. His team was extremely professional and very good at directing in order to get the best shots. Highly recommended.

    thumb Karthik Ganesh