Indian weddings are embedded in ancient tradition, and incorporate many complex rituals. Every Indian wedding ceremony is slightly different, based on the priest, the couple’s beliefs, and the region of India where they are from. As photographers, it is vital that we are intimately familiar with all of these specific Indian wedding ceremony rituals so that nothing is missed.

Southern Light Photography has over 10 years of experience photographing Indian weddings in Sydney, from all parts of the world, including Punjabi Sikh weddings, South Indian weddings, Buddhist weddings, North Indian weddings, Bengali weddings and Fijian Indian weddings.

Punjabi Sikh weddings are week-long events, filled with dancing, music and often ending with bitter-sweet tears as the bride leaves her family home. We love photographing Sikh weddings and the range of emotions that they entail. There are so many beautiful moments to photograph, such as the groom’s arrival (baraat), the intimate ceremony moments, the (henna) night celebrations, and the Sangeet events which invariably end up in raucous dancing and loud music.

Here are some of our favourite Indian weddings that we’ve captured over the years in and around Sydney.


Best of 2017

In 2017 we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a whole lot of families and couples who have trusted us not only to capture their stories but also to push our creative limits and capture [...]